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Want a Lap Pool at Home?

You could manage your time more effectively and swim more frequently by having your own exercise pool at home.

Swim at Home Anytime

Swimming pools are open only a limited number of hours and restrict the times that the lap lanes are open. The schedule changes for holidays, winter, and summer. Sometimes you may not be aware of the schedule change and end up missing your workout. You are forced to change your schedule to that of the swimming pool.

You know what to expect with a pool at home. Unexpected numbers of people show up at public pools. You may find some days have so many lap swimmers that you are lucky to share a lane with just one other person. During the summer many kids don't listen to the lifeguards and suddenly jump into your lap lane, risking injury. There may be aerobic or swimming classes that constrict the number of lap lanes available.

Control Your Own Swimming Pool

Sometimes the swimming pool water temperature is not what you desire. During the winter, some pools shutdown the boiler to conserve energy during closed hours. When you arrive, the swimming pool may not have had time to warm up to normal temperature. Different groups like different temperatures. Aerobic classes want a temperature that is too warm for lap swimming.

Home pools require less maintenance than public pools. Pools at home don't require high concentrations of chlorine. Small pools that use copper/silver purification systems use only a small amount of chlorine and are virtually chemically free. Dehumidifiers needed with large indoor pools are not needed with a small indoor pool. Public pool membership or entrance fees can easily cover the cost of the electricity used to heat and circulate the water in a small pool. Gas heaters save even more.

Home lap pools are not for everyone. Lifeguards are always present at public pools. There is more social interaction at a public pool. An exercise pool at home can occupy considerable space.

Above and Below Ground Pool Placement

A small above ground lap pool can easily fit into half a two-car garage. Some above ground lap pool installations can be disassembled and relocated to a new home. Endless Pools has a small lap pool planning guide for indoor or outdoor placement that is quite helpful for exploring the possibilities. Endless Pools uses a galvanized steel panel and heavy-duty vinyl liner system that can be disassembled and moved. They also have a more permanent fiberglass shell. SwimEx which makes the pools mostly for sports teams, hospitals, and physical-therapy centers, has a small swim in place lap pool that uses fiberglass and is more expensive. You can workout anytime you like without outside pressures and constraints with an exercise or physical therapy pool at home.